dreamers & the dead

now all i wanna hear is my message beep
Your name is KORI, but you would prefer if people would give you nicknames, like KORO. You have a wide variety of INTERESTS, most of which include YOUR FANDOMS and SHIPPING FAR TOO FUCKING MUCH TO BE HEALTHY. In your spare time, which is to say very frequently, you enjoy reading copious amounts of FANFICTION and trying to improve on your ART SKILLS. You're still getting there with art. It's fun, so you keep doing it a lot. You want to be an ARTIST, more specifically an ANIMATOR, ILLUSTRATOR, or CHARACTER DESIGNER. You're going to be in college in autumn of 2012.

Needless to say, your main fandoms are HOMESTUCK, AO NO EXORCIST, AND KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! at this moment in time. You tend to hop fandoms if your interest wavers, and you fear that this may PISS A LOT OF PEOPLE OFF. It probably does. No, it actually most likely does indeed.

You have a certain infatuation with REALLY STUPID HUMOR and a lot of people may misinterpret it as you JUST BEING A JACKASS. Sometimes that's not wrong at all. You can be quite the jackass if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You also love watching FANDOM DRAMA unfold. It's quite toe entertaining spectacle, and people being buttmad just makes your day. Yeah, you're just a JACKASS. Otherwise, you're PRETTY OKAY even if you're a bit of a SPAZ. And by spaz you mean ANNOYING BITCH WHO NEVER SHUTS HER PIE HOLE.

Your main habitat includes TUMBLR and READING FANFICTION ON YOUR PSP BEFORE BED. You're proud of this. Very proud. It puts you in a good sleep mood. Gives you nice dreams.

Contrary to not-very-popular belief, you like making new friends with similar interests as you. If someone is as much of a SHIPPER or SPAZ or DUMBFUCK as you, you'd like them to try drop a comment at your JOURNAL anytime. It'd be a match made in some glorious, metaphorical heaven made of dreams, rainbows, gay, Dr. Pepper, and crack.

Mmmmm, crack.

==> Kori: Stop typing already.