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now all i wanna hear is my message beep
21 December 2011 @ 11:45 pm
the new comment layout...



muse: how do i live (bunny back in the box version)
now all i wanna hear is my message beep
13 November 2011 @ 09:18 pm
and in that moment, i swore the whole fandom had one colossal boner for a fifteen-year-old.

he is such a dork i cannot help myself
art under cutCollapse )
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muse: umbral ultimatum - homestuck
now all i wanna hear is my message beep
12 November 2011 @ 07:00 pm
i'm back into ao no exorcist hell fucking yes. that ending in the anime, though. um, what? (it was nice but.....what????????)

HOW BOUT THEM HOMESTUCK UPDATES???? i think i have an embarrassingly large crush on jane crocker.

*ollies outy*
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now all i wanna hear is my message beep
02 October 2011 @ 07:17 pm
now i have my computer again and internet!!!!! but i was kicked out of the homestuck shipping olympics cause i was without my comp for so long. boo. but oh well that's that!

yeah my lightbulb just exploded and now my room is smokey. great. 

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now all i wanna hear is my message beep
15 August 2011 @ 03:36 pm
 I have a flight for California on wednesday! the path is Sioux Falls --> Denver --> San Francisco and I am going....alone. hah. this ought to be an adventure if I don't faint the minute I see the airport

I'm staying with my grandma, so I won't have a very stable internet connection until... well, after a while-- a month or so. maybe I'll mooch off my friends or the place where my sister is staying's internet though and be able to update and stuff. but my dad gave me his prehistoric laptop so I can still draw and I will try to transfer my music over, thank god.

i am 7 sweeps and what is this
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muse: dustbowl dance - mumford & sons
now all i wanna hear is my message beep
11 August 2011 @ 05:54 pm
 whoops two entries in an ... hour, even! I never put my art here though, so I might as well throw a few doodles into this wasteland that I call my journal.

also... they're all homestuck. um. oops. sorry. (I'm not sorry)

click for art spam! HIGH-RES IMAGE HEAVY!Collapse )
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mood: artistic
muse: adventures in solitude - the new pornographers
now all i wanna hear is my message beep
11 August 2011 @ 05:14 pm
 on the subject of that silly little (enormous) webcomic:

if/when we get an ancestor intermission my brain just might explode from the sheer brilliance

hussie you are a beautiful man

also I am moving back to california that's a bit important??? just dunno when exactly but soon, yeah 8)

ps: i am the worst team member ever, don't let me commit to something ever again because ARTSPIRATION GOES DOWN THE DRAIN AND REAL LIFE GETS IN THE WAY AND FUCKS ME OVER EVERY. TIME.
I am sorry, team kk♥sol in the homestuck shipping olympics. so, so incredibly sorry. brb burying myself semi-alive

EDIT: forgot to mention, I made my journal public. idk why but woooooo!
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muse: tonight, tonight -- the smashing pumpkins
now all i wanna hear is my message beep
 Listening to cavity-inducing sappy songs and drowning in Homestuck AUs. What is my life, even.

Really. How Do I Live was previously associated with me serenading my sister with it when I was eleven, one late night in a pillow-fort themed sister sleepover plus Natalie. Now it's john/kk and that instance combined I BLAME YOU, BEAUTIFULLY ASININE HOMESTUCK FANDOM.

Every Single Terrible Pop Love Song is Forever Meant For John and Karkat, a novel by yours truly. Bestseller 2011! A fantastically enticing read! --The New York Times

no but really i've been drawing my flat little butt off for days
every day
for a few weeks now
and spamming my tumblr with them in ungodly hours of the morning
for dignity's sake i will spare you from seeing them until i can do nice fanart
yes this works well
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muse: The Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover) - Mr. Little Jeans
now all i wanna hear is my message beep
27 June 2011 @ 08:18 pm
Hey, did anyone else gasm over the Ao no Exorcist OST? o/ I sure did!!
I started reading Homestuck, the intensive flash-and-MSPaint-based webcomic by Andrew Hussie. It was all over Fanime and tumblr, and I finally got my arse into gear on reading the thing. I'm barely over halfway through currently, but jesus shit why didn't I read this sooner?!!

a spaz about homosuckCollapse )
In other news, I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with my tonsil. It's irritated and I've tried a lot of different things and painkillers, but it hasn't gone away. It's like something's stuck towards the front side of my throat, bot no coughing or gargling will get rid of it. Ugh, if I have tonsillitis I'm gonna flip my shit because SURGERY IS OUT OF THE QUESTION NO FRIGGIN WAY AM I EVER GETTING ONE AGAIN YOU CAN'T CATCH ME ALIVE COPPERS.

I need to make an icon batch soon. Afjdksf hi.
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muse: Times - Tenth Avenue North
now all i wanna hear is my message beep
18 June 2011 @ 08:35 pm
 >want to write Pokemon fic

>dig in closet box for DS

>DS dies as soon as it is turned on

>can't find charger

>are you shitting me man

Gruhhhh I never even got past training my team for the E4. DAMN IT AH. Time to hunt downstairs for the next three days looking for that godforsaken gray wire.
Well, I can always catch up on Ano Hana... but I've run out of tissues and I'm only behind on one episode. I can never not cry at that anime, just... gjdfgdf hnnggggg my heart achesssss MENNMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY BABYYYYYyyyyy
Mom says there's a tornado warning for Monday. My joy is immeasurable.
At least I can watch the AoEx episode with Kuro before I die.
mood: hothot
muse: aoi shiori - galileo galilei